Create presentations in Perl 6 Pod

Perl 6 Pod is awesome markup language. I use the Pod as often as possible. For example, for creating presentations. How am I doing this?

I open my favirite text editor and start presentation with а DESCRIPTION:

  =for DESCRIPTION :title('presentation template in Perl 6 Pod format')
  = :author('Aliaksanr Zahatski') :pubdate('2011')

The named blocks =Slide are used to describe each presentation screen:

 B<=begin Slide :title('About me')>$\sim$zag/
 lang/rakudo  ( FreeBSD )
 Russian book "Everything about Perl 6" 

 B<=end Slide>

Lists are specified as a series of =item blocks :

 =begin Slide :title('Content')
 key moments:
 =item features
 =item implementations
 =item usage
 =end Slide

A =Image block is used for insert pictures:

 =for Image :width('3in')

The =config directive allows you to prespecify default images size:

 =config Image :width('2in')

For specifying the code samples use standart Pod block with attribute lang:

 =for code B<:lang('Perl')>
 my @keys = <a b c d e>;
 my @vals = ^5;
 my %hash = @keys Z @vals;


 =begin code B<:lang('JavaScript')>
 var keys = ['a', 'b', 'c'];
 var values = [1, 2, 3];
 var map = {}; //this is a comment
 for(var i in keys) {
  map[ keys[i] ] = values[i];
 =end code

would be rendered:

The following example demonstrates the use of pauses:

 =begin Slide :title('Perl6::Pod::Slide: pause demo')
 Now :
 =for item :numbered
 =for item :numbered B<:pause>
 =for item :numbered
 =end Slide

Use =Latex to type Latex text;

   \Gamma_0 S_0 (1-\alpha)^2 = k_d \alpha^2
   \quad \Rightarrow \quad
   \Bigl(\frac{1-\alpha}{\alpha}\Bigr)^2 = \frac{k_d}{\Gamma_0 S_0}

To insert a vector graphics I use coneverter epstopdf, and then insert it with =Image block.

Fork presentation template [1] designed for easy start and type "make" to build pdf file.

You will need the following software to be installed: latex-beamer, Perl 5 and Perl6-Pod-Slide [2].

[1]Presentation template in Perl 6 Pod format.

[2]Perl6::Pod::Slide - make slides easy.