Perl6::Pod reworked

Recently i was reimplement Perl6::Pod to simplify it. First i move to new syntax parser wich build using Regexp::Grammars. And then rewrite export scripts: pod6docbook and pod6xhtml.

During the rewrite of Perl6::Pod using Regexp::Grammars, I experienced a lot of fun. Just look at the text of pod6 grammars [1]. At the end i have the following simple apis for use pod6.

API for use pod6 in app

For convert pod6 to xhtml use:

use Perl6::Pod::Test; 
        my $html = Perl6::Pod::Test::parse_to_xhtml($pod);

API for hackers

Pod6 Grammars can be inherited. You could debug it step-by-step.

 use Regexp::Grammars;
    use Perl6::Pod::Grammars;
    use Data::Dumper;

    my $r =  qr{
       <extends: Perl6::Pod::Grammar::Blocks>
        \A <File> \Z
    my $tree ;
    if ( $src =~ $r  ) {
     print Dumper( $/{File} );
    else {
        return undef;

How to install Perl6::Pod ?

Under Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zahatski/ppa    
        sudo apt-get install libperl6-pod-perl

or from CPAN [2].

Perl6::Pod hosted on [3]. Reports of bugs are always welcome.